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Cake Ösa lite review
Electric scooter

Ösa Lite review

There are electric scooters and there is the Ösa Lite. We at Eldrivo have tested the Ösa, which is an incredibly cool electric scooter with a design is unlike anything else out there and delivers performance that got all of us at Eldrivo smiling like kids on Christmas Eve.

Ösa is an effective, easy to ride commuter vessel that is truly fun to drive. Its design is based on a modular utility concept, which means that the bike can be equipped with various accessories like baskets, additional passenger seats, etc. It is also possible for riders to adjust the seat height, but above all, it’s possible to adjust how close or far away you want to sit from the handlebar.

The performance of the Ösa Lite was impressive. While operating, it becomes quite clear that Ösa has inherited its performance, snappiness and ingenuity from its sister models in the Kalk Series – models developed for tougher terrain and the ultimate off-road experience.

The throttle control and immediate response from the Ösa is unique compared to most the electric scooters and electric vehicles we have tried. For the unexperienced rider, the torque can lead to accidents because of the fast acceleration.

  • Maximum speed: 45 km/h
  • Classification: Moped Class 1 (in Europe, street legal in USA too)
  • Range: Up to 110 km
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Capacity: 2.5 kWh
  • Battery: 51.8 volts

If you are looking for even more performance, there is CAKE Ösa+ which is a light motorcycle with a top speed of 90 km / h and a range of about 100 km.


CAKE is a Swedish company founded by Stefan Ytterborn who earlier founded the helmet and clothing company POC. CAKE places a great emphasis on design and innovation, which is clearly evident on all their bike models. CAKE has been nominated for, and won, several design awards such as the “Red Dot Design Award 2020” and “NK Innovation Award 2019”.


We at Eldrivo are impressed by the CAKE Ösa Lite. It is an electric scooter that stands out purely in terms of form but also in terms of performance. We like the idea of being able to equip the bike with accessories and customizing the moped according to the riders’ needs. 

If we are to try and find some drawback, then we’d eventually have to say that it’d the price. Compared to other brands, this is an expensive moped starting at 6.500 euros or US dollars. But few mopeds come up with the same quality and performance.

The design and engineering of Ösa is incredibly cool, but also means that the leg-swing over the uni-beam is a bit more difficult than a regular moped, a little in the same way when you sit on a men’s bicycle.

We at Eldrivo love the design, innovation, performance and electric power which summarizes exactly what CAKE stands for. It will be incredibly exciting to follow CAKE’s journey ahead and we believe and cross our fingers for an expanding fleet of models in the future.